Connecting Gorgias

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Gorgias helps you communicate with your customers from multiple channels. With rich context for every customer you can provide top-class support.

HelpDocs integrates with Gorgias to make it easy for customers to get in touch on your knowledge base.

Connecting HelpDocs & Gorgias

  1. In your Gorgias dashboard
    1. Head to Integrations > Chat
    2. Click Add Chat
    3. Name your chat (e.g. HelpDocs)
    4. Copy the Chat Code Snippet
  2. In your HelpDocs dashboard
    1. Go to Settings > Integrations
    2. Scroll down and click Gorgias
    3. Paste your Code Snippet into the Chat Snippet box
    4. Hit Save Changes

Now you'll get a channel just for your knowledge base and clicking Contact in HelpDocs will trigger the chat widget.

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