Integrating Lighthouse with Live Chat Providers

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Lighthouse integrates with some chat widgets to provide an extra layer of ticket deflection so customers can find helpful articles before getting in touch. When integrating the two snippets customers will be able to chat into your team when they press the Contact button inside Lighthouse.

Here's a list of the chat providers Lighthouse integrates with:

If you're not comfortable with adding code to your website you'll want to get help from a developer

Integrating Lighthouse with Live Chat Providers

  1. Copy the chat widget code snippet from your provider
  2. Head to your HelpDocs Lighthouse Settings page for quick access later
  3. On your website
    1. Paste the chat code snippet before the </body> tag
    2. Remove any mention of defer from the code snippet
      ⏰ This helps the chat widget and Lighthouse load at the right times. Use the built in browser search to find it quicker
    3. Copy the Lighthouse code snippet from the HelpDocs dashboard
    4. Place the Lighthouse code snippet after the chat code snippet but before the </body> tag
Using Front Chat? You'll need to set useDefaultLauncher to false when you initialize the FrontChat object.

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