Adding an Open Graph Fallback Image

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Open Graph protocol makes links on social look great. HelpDocs automatically pulls the first image from an article and uses it as the Open Graph image like this:

If you don't have an image to display in your article, we'll pull the logo on your docs and display that instead. You can override this by uploading your own fallback image:

Preparing Your Open Graph Image

Here's a few tips on creating your own image for open graph:

  • Keep the size around 1200px by 1200px
  • PNG format is best
  • Try to keep important text in the middle third of the image, like so:

Adding an Open Graph Fallback Image

  1. Head to Settings > Brand
  2. Under Open Graph Fallback Image click or drag on an image
  3. Hit Save Changes
You can check Open Graph details for an article using this tool and pasting in your URL:

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