Creating a Knowledge Base from Scratch

Getting started with a knowledge base can be fun, honest! Learn how to start creating a knowledge base with these example categories and articles. We'll make it painless, promise.

Jarratt Isted
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Optimizing Your Knowledge Base for Search

Getting your knowledge base search ready can make a huge difference. Here we'll show you how tools inside HelpDocs can help, what we automatically do to optimize it for you, and what you can do yourself to make those search robots happy.

Jarratt Isted
Updated 4 months ago by Jarratt Isted

Finding CSS Selectors in Your Browser

The easiest way to customize your HelpDocs is with Custom CSS. Here's a guide on how to target elements on your knowledge base and customize them to match your brand.

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Updated 8 months ago by Jarratt Isted

Clearing the Cache in Your Browser

Rarely we might ask you to clear your browser's cache. Here's how.

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Updated 9 months ago by Jarratt Isted

Writing Clear and Digestible Knowledge Base Articles

Getting users to read text is a difficult problem. Here are some tips on writing your articles with users in mind.

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Updated 11 months ago by Jarratt Isted

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