Adding a Feedier Carrier

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Wanna get feedback from your visitors about your knowledge base? Feedier gives you a way to create an engaging, fun survey with tons of options baked in like offering rewards or connecting up mailing lists.

Adding a Feedier Carrier

Surveys in Feedier are called Carriers
  1. Head to the Feedier dashboard (or click here)
  2. Select one of your Carriers
  3. Click on Share
  4. Select one of the share options
    1. The Engager Widget encourages visitors to fill in your survey through a widget
    2. The Score Widget shows how happy visitors are with your knowledge base
  5. Copy all the code given to you
  6. Head to HelpDocs and go to Settings > Integrations
  7. Select Feedier and paste in your code
  8. Hit Save

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