Connecting Doorbell

Doorbell helps you gather user feedback across web and mobile, so you can ship product improvements your users love. 

HelpDocs has partnered with Doorbell to give you access to their awesome feedback system. 🔌

HelpDocs has partnered with Doorbell
You'll need a Doorbell account to set up this integration

Connecting HelpDocs & Doorbell

  1. In Doorbell, head to Applications
  2. Click the gear icon in the top right corner
  3. In Installation Instructions JavaScript, copy the tracking code wrapped in script tags
  4. Back in your HelpDocs dashboard, head to Settings > Integrations
  5. Paste the tracking code into the Doorbell box
  6. Hit Save

Awesome, you're all done. When customers click Contact, the Doorbell contact form will appear and you can start collecting feedback. That'll head straight into your Doorbell account as usual.

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