Connecting Crisp

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Crisp gives you a simple way to communicate with your users—whether that's for support or sales. HelpDocs integrates with Crisp to make it easy for customers to get in touch on your knowledge base.

Connecting HelpDocs & Crisp

  1. In your Crisp dashboard
    1. Head to Settings > Websites (or click here)
    2. Click on Integrations
    3. Go to HTML
    4. Copy the code
  2. In your HelpDocs dashboard
    1. Go to Settings > Integrations
    2. Find Crisp
    3. Click ⋮ More > Connect
    4. Paste your Code Snippet into the Crisp chatbox code box
    5. Hit Save Changes

Now you'll get a neat widget on your knowledge base and clicking Contact in HelpDocs will trigger the chat widget.

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