Getting Started with Stale Articles

As your product and company evolve, it's often difficult to keep your docs evolving at the same pace.

By marking articles as stale inside HelpDocs, your team knows exactly what needs updating even if they don’t have all the information they need right then to update it.

Once you update a stale article, it'll automatically remove the stale status. You can also do this from the content table.

When should I mark an article as stale?

Think of stale articles as a way of setting you and your team a reminder that some information needs updating. This can be particularly useful for meetings or updating sprints. 

You might want to set an article as stale if:

  1. A customer notices something is outdated
  2. You're an engineer changing or removing of a feature that article refers to
  3. You manage article writers and you'd like some information to be updated
  4. You know the information is outdated but don't yet have all the information to update it

How do I know if an article is stale?

There's a few ways to know whether an article is stale in-app.

Within the Content list

Stale articles will show up in the content list with a yellow background rather than a grey one. They'll also have a Stale badge with the option to mark an article as fresh. This will remove the stale status.

If you have any stale articles, you can filter them by click Stale in the menu above the table. Only Stale articles will appear.

Within the article editor view

When you click on a stale article, it'll show a message above the editor. It has:

  • Information about why it's stale
  • An option to keep it stale when you press save
To learn more about marking an article as stale, head over to Marking an Article as Stale.

Get weekly email reports

You can quickly enable simple email reports that are sent weekly to get the lowdown on:

  • How many articles are stale in your dashboard
  • The articles that went stale this week
  1. Head to your profile (or click here)
  2. Toggle on Send me weekly stale emails
  3. Hit Save Changes

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