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Marking Articles as Stale

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Whether you're an engineer marking outdated articles based on a product update or part of the customer support team reminding yourself to update some information, marking an article as Stale can keep your product & articles in sync and visitors happy. 

🤔Not sure what a stale article is or when you should use it? Head over to Getting Started with Stale Articles.

Mark as Stale

  1. Head to the outdated article
  2. In the article editor, click Fresh
  3. Click Set Stale Now
  4. Your article is now marked as stale for your whole team to see

Mark Stale in the Future

You might know an article will go stale at a certain time in the future, or you might just like to know when it's getting a little old and take a look to see if it's still relevant. You can set an article to go stale in the future. There are a few options for this:

  • In 30 days
  • In 3 months
  • In 6 months
When you've set an article to go stale at a time in the future, you'll be shown the remaining time until it goes stale. You can cancel it at any time.

Adding a Reason for Stale

If you have multiple team members editing articles, it's pretty useful to know why an article is set to Stale. By adding a reason, you can leave a hint about what needs to be updated for others to pick up.

  1. Head to your article
  2. Click Fresh or Stale
    1. If Fresh, click Set Stale Now
  3. Enter your message under Stale Reason
  4. Click Save to update
Why is my reason "Set by user"? 🤔Good question! Our Stale robot automatically adds this reason when Stale is activated.

How to Tell if an Article Has Gone Stale

You and your team will see a few pointers to an article having gone stale.

  1. The article will have a stale badge in the Content table
  2. In the article editor, you'll see Stale above the editor

Keep Articles Fresh with Weekly Stale Emails

You can keep on top of stale articles by subscribing to stale email reports. In these reports, you'll get a quick summary of:

  • How many stale articles are in your account
  • Which articles are newly stale this week

Here's how to opt-in:

  1. Head to your profile (or click here)
  2. Toggle on Send me weekly Stale emails
🌷Article updated and relevant again? Learn how to Mark an Article as Fresh.

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Marking an Article as Fresh

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