Restricting Your Docs to Logged In Users

Taylor Sloane Updated by Taylor Sloane

HelpDocs makes it easy to restrict access to your docs to logged in users. This way, when a user visits your docs (on your HelpDocs subdomain or custom domain) they'll be redirected to the regular login page instead.

This works great paired with the read-only role and Single Sign On
  1. Log in to HelpDocs at <your-subdomain>
  2. Go to SettingsUsers > Access
  3. Check Restrict Frontend to Logged In Users
  4. Hit Save Changes

Now your frontend knowledge base will only be accessible to users that have logged in. Remember, you'll now need to invite users to your account before they're able to view your docs.

You'll need to request an SSL certificate before we can let you use this with a custom domain. Gotta be secure, y'all 🤠

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