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Connecting Kommunicate

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Kommunicate is a Human+bot hybrid support system to make it easier to scale your support. There are two options for using Kommunicate and HelpDocs together. 🧑🤖

  1. Respond with articles in a conversation as automatic replies
  2. Embed the chat widget onto your knowledge base

Add the Chat Widget on Your Knowledge Base

  1. In your Kommunicate dashboard
    1. Head to Settings > Install
    2. Click on Website and copy the code snippet
  2. In your HelpDocs dashboard
    1. Heading to Settings > Integrations
    2. Paste in the code snippet
    3. Hit Save

Connecting Kommunicate Automatic Replies

  1. In your HelpDocs dashboard
    1. Head to Settings > API Keys
    2. Hit Create Key
    3. Click View/Edit
    4. Copy the Key to your clipboard
      Make sure the Read box is ticked under Permissions
  2. In your Kommunicate dashboard
    1. Head to Integrations within the left menu
    2. Click HelpDocs
    3. Paste the API key into the API Key box
    4. Click Save and Integrate

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