How Do I Change My Avatar?

Updated 3 days ago by Jarratt Isted

HelpDocs looks fantastic when you can show customers that your whole team has contributed to your docs. Besides, who doesn't love a friendly face? 🙈

Avatars on HelpDocs

What's Gravatar?

Gravatar lets you upload your profile image just once, and lets developers like us display it in our apps.

Creating Your Gravatar

  1. If you don't already have an account, set one up over at
  2. Head over to 'My Gravatars' in the top navigation bar
  3. Click 'Add Email Address' and enter the email you signed up to HelpDocs with
  4. You'll get an email from Gravatar. Click the link to confirm your email address
  5. Upload your profile image by clicking 'Add a new image'

That's it. Your lovely face is now ready to shine on your HelpDocs. 

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