Syncing Content to elevio

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elevio lets you create an amazing in-app support experience for your users. HelpDocs integrates with elevio as a content source so you can sync your articles and deliver them to your customers where they need them most.

Connecting elevio

  1. Inside your HelpDocs dashboard
    1. Head to Settings > API
    2. Create an API key
    3. Click : More > Edit next to your new key
    4. Under Permissions, check Read
    5. Copy the API Key generated to the clipboard
    6. Hit Save Changes
  2. Inside your elevio dashboard
    1. Head to the Integrations screen (if you're logged in to elevio click here)
    2. Choose HelpDocs as the system you wanna integrate with
    3. Paste your API key from earlier into the provided box
    4. Hit Connect
Your content sync will start right away and you can re-sync whenever you like.
The elevio integration is a one-way sync from HelpDocs. So any docs you write in HelpDocs will appear in elevio but not vice versa.

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