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FullStory makes it easy to solve problems, find answers, and optimize your customer's experience. By enabling FullStory on HelpDocs you'll be able to track how users are searching, reading, and using your knowledge base.

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Adding FullStory

  1. In your FullStory dashboard
    1. Head to Settings > FullStory Setup
    2. Within Your Recording Snippet, you should see some code
    3. Copy the FS_ORG number, like the one highlighted below:
window['_fs_debug'] = false;
window['_fs_host'] = '';
window['_fs_org'] = 'ABC12';
window['_fs_namespace'] = 'FS';
if (e in m) {if(m.console && m.console.log) { m.console.log('FullStory namespace conflict. Please set window["_fs_namespace"].');} return;}
  1. Head to HelpDocs
    1. Go to Settings > Integrations
    2. Click ⋮ More > Connect
    3. Find FullStory and paste in the FS_ORG number under FullStory Org
    4. Click Save Changes
Make sure to paste the number without quotes.

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