Is my data secure and protected?

At HelpDocs we take security and data protection seriously. Here's an overview of some stuff we're doing to keep your data safe. 

Need even more security? We have a dedicated hosting plan available for enterprise customers. Get in touch to learn more. 

End to End Encryption

All accounts come with SSL as standard on the HelpDocs subdomain. We're working towards all our accounts having SSL on custom domains too. Our SSL connections are terminated directly on our application servers, so your traffic's encrypted the whole way. We don't use any third party providers or middleware here, so your data's always safe.

Databases Encrypted at Rest

We encrypt our databases at rest. That means all your data's securely locked when it's not in use.

Frequent Backups

We backup your data every 6 hours, and retain months of backups on a rolling deletion schedule. These backups, you guessed it, are encrypted too.

First Class Hosting

All our servers are based in Digital Ocean's New York datacenters. We have firewalls around all the instances to protect our servers from bad actors. 

Access to your Data

Account data is strongly namespaced to your account, so other customers will never have access to your data. The HelpDocs engineering team does have access to your data, but unless it's an urgent service issue we'll always ask your permission before accessing your account. 

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