Disabling Authorship and Updated Times

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From our experience, customers love being able to see who updated an article and when. That being said, sometimes you might want to hide all that metadata away. Especially if you don't update your HelpDocs very often!

We don't offer a native way to hide authors, profile images and updated times, but you can do it with a small amount of CSS.

You'll need to paste all your CSS into the custom CSS box in Settings

Selective Updating on Curve

On our Curve template, you can choose whether to disable updated times, authorship, or both.

/* Disable updated at times */
.author-text .updated-at {
display: none;
/* Disable author names */
.author-text .author-name {
display: none;
/* Disable updated at times and author names */
.author-text {
display: none;

Disable authorship on older templates

Here's the CSS you'll need to disable all authorship:

/* Disable authorship */
#article #body p.meta,
#category #articles p.card-text img,
#category #articles p.card-text .text-muted,
#category #subcategories p.card-text:last-of-type,
#home #categories #category p.card-text:last-of-type {
display: none !important;

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