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Getting Started with the Chrome Extension

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Our Chrome extension helps you fly through tickets by giving you the ability to search, copy, create, and view articles throughout the web. It doesn't take long to get started, so let's run through the basics. πŸ¦…

Article status icons
- DraftsΒ won't show in the extension box
- Privately PublishedΒ articles will have a πŸ” emoji next to the title
- Articles with Permissions will have a πŸ‘€ emoji next to the title

Downloading & Installing the Extension

  1. Head to the Chrome store page
  2. Click Add to Chrome in the top right
  3. When the dialog drops, click Add extension
  4. It'll appear in the top right of your browser
  5. Click Log in using HelpDocs

Using Actions to Speed Up Support

Actions allow you to speedily paste formatted snippets. Depending on what you've filled out and what permissions you have, you'll have the ability to:

Actions in the Article List

Actions in the Article Preview

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Creating a New Article Within the Chrome Extension

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