Connecting Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you track people landing on your website, then gives you insights into their behavior. HelpDocs integrates with Google Analytics to help you track what they're doing on your knowledge base too. 

All it takes is a short code. There's no need to edit the header or footer.

You'll need admin permissions in Google Analytics to access the tracking code.

Connecting Google Analytics to HelpDocs

  1. In your Google Analytics account, head to Admin
  2. Click Tracking Info > Tracking Code
  3. Copy the code under Tracking ID (It'll look something like UA-########-#)
  4. In the HelpDocs dashboard, go to Settings > Integrations
  5. Paste the tracking code into the box for Google Analytics
  6. Hit Save

You'll now see all your HelpDocs traffic alongside your web traffic in Google Analytics. 

Creating a new view and filtering

If you wanna examine the traffic on its own, you can create a new view. Once you've created a new view, you'll need to apply some filters:

  1. Make sure you're on your new view in the top left

  2. Heading to Admin > Filters
  3. Click + Add Filter
    1. Name your filter (e.g. All traffic to HelpDocs)
    2. Select Predefined
      1. Choose Include only, traffic to the subdirectories, and that contain
      2. Enter your HelpDocs subdomain (e.g.

    3. Hit Save

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