Using Ordered Lists

by Jarratt Isted

We've always hated seeing boring ordered lists in articles. When we started building HelpDocs we wanted something a little different.

Our lists are totally customized (and customizable). They match your brand colors, and look great on every device.

  1. Here's a numbered list
  2. A second number
    1. A sublist
    2. ...sublist...
    3. ......sublist......
      1. And a sub-sublist
      2. (is that even a thing?)
Our default list schema is numbers > lowercase letters > lowercase roman numerals. You can override these styles with custom CSS 

Adding Custom Styles in the Editor

  1. Hit ListsOrdered List
  2. Type your first list item and press Return
  3. On any subsequent items you can use Tab or ListsIndent to add a sublist
Ordered lists

Pro tip
Use Shift + Enter to insert images between ordered lists and keep the numbers rollin'.

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