Moving an Article to a Different Category

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Having a spring cleaning for your knowledge base? You'll probably wanna know how to move your articles to different categories. It's super easy and only takes a few clicks šŸ­

Moving a Single Article

  1. Head to your article
  2. Click the category dropdown
  3. Click or search for the new category
  4. Hit Save
If you're using the alternate URL style changing an article's category will break any links you're using. To fix this you'll need to set up URL redirects.

Moving Multiple Articles

You can also move a bunch of articles at once with our Bulk Tools.

  1. Head to the Content tab
  2. Select the articles you wanna move
  3. Click Bulk Edit and select the new category
  4. Hit Save
When selecting all articles in the category the Bulk Edit feature will only move articles not the entire category when selected.

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