Setting Article Display Order

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There's a few different ways to set the order that articles appear on your HelpDocs.

Available Sort Orders

  • Alphabetical
    • A-Z ordering by article title
  • Created Date
    • When the article was first created (most recent first)
  • Last Updated
    • When the article was last updated (most recent first)
  • Random
    • A totally random order of articles every time the page is cached
  • Custom
    • You manually choose the order

Setting a Sort Order

  1. Head to SettingsBrand
  2. Under Article Sort Order choose the order you'd like
  3. Hit Save
Custom article sort order can only be enabled if you use custom category sorting, too

Managing Custom Article Ordering

If you selected custom ordering for your categories and articles, you'll get a new button at the top of the table in your your Content tab. Clicking that icon takes you to a page that'll let you drag and drop categories and articles to rearrange them.

When you're finished, hit Done Reordering to apply your changes.

That sort button can be a little tricky to find, but it's there! Here's a zoomed in screenshot if you get stuck.

Reordering content

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