Content Blocks

Getting Started with Content Blocks

Writing in HelpDocs WYSIWYG editor comes with a bunch of formatting options. Whether it's writing in Markdown or dropping custom HTML right into your articles, there's a bunch of things you can do to…

Matt Aunger
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Adding a HTML Block

Ever want something custom within your content but don't wanna write the whole thing in HTML? Our HTML block is perfect for you. 🤩

Matt Aunger
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Using Code Blocks

HelpDocs comes loaded with automatic code blocks with syntax highlighting. There's nothing to set up or configure—it'll automatically highlight your code based on the language you insert.

Jake Peters
Updated 2 months ago by Jake Peters

Inserting Videos

Adding videos to your docs can make them more engaging. With HelpDocs you can quickly insert a video by grabbing its URL or embed code and pasting it into the editor.

Jarratt Isted
Updated 2 months ago by Jarratt Isted

Embedding Audio Files

People consume information in different ways. There's reading, watching, but there's also listening. You can upload or easily embed your audio clip from other sites. 🎧

Jarratt Isted
Updated 2 months ago by Jarratt Isted

Using Markdown Blocks

Developer? Writer? If you are, you've probably heard of Markdown. With Markdown blocks, you can create entire articles using the Markdown syntax.

Jarratt Isted
Updated 2 months ago by Jarratt Isted

Using Quote Blocks

Whether it's to draw attention to something specific or reiterate copy from your terms sometimes you'll wanna add quotes to your articles. HelpDocs has an easy way to add quote blocks like this that…

Matt Aunger
Updated 3 months ago by Matt Aunger

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