Using the Intercom Messenger App

With the introduction of the Intercom App Store, we've created our very own Messenger app. With it installed, your customers can do the following inside the Messenger:

  • Search your knowledge base 🔍
  • Change knowledge base language 🗺
  • Read short versions or full articles 📰

Installing the HelpDocs Intercom Messenger App

  1. Head to the Intercom App Store and search for HelpDocs (or click here)

  2. Click Install Now
  3. Click Connect to grant permissions
  4. Click Messenger in the left navigation

  5. Click Add Messenger home apps
  6. Click + Add an app and choose HelpDocs

Customize the Text within the App

There are two strings of text within the app. Good news is they're both customizable, so you can write whatever takes your fancy. First off, head to Settings > i18n. Then change the matching strings.

Here's which field you'll need to change for each string:

  1. Change Custom 1
  2. Change Help me with...

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